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Delivering cross trade shipping for the manufacturing industry

Cross-trade shipping is when a shipper needs to ship cargo between and origin and destination by either road, rail, air, or sea freight without it entering the country where the shipper is registered. This was required when we tasked were shipping printing machinery from Saudi Arabia to China.

When a shipper is looking to move cargo worth €2 million, they need somebody they can rely on. Especially when the goods are covered by a letter of credit and he is based in the UK, but the shipment isn't. This wasn’t our largest load of the year or even the load with the highest value, but there are plenty of challenges a shipper can fall foul of when working with Saudi Arabian and then Chinese customs. What started out as a straightforward cross trade shipment quickly turned more complex once it was found that part of the machine was out-of-gauge. So flat-rack equipment had to be sourced at short notice, meetings with local transport regulations took place and the cargo was surveyed as the loading was undertaken with everything falling perfectly into place with the assistance of our overseas agent.
David Hartley
Forwarding Manager at Good Logistics

The printing machinery needed moving from Saudi Arabia to Qingdao in China using a combination of high cube and flat rack containers. Our projects team also prepared the letter of credit (LC), which is often vital for cross-trade shipments.

LCs provide Exporters with the confidence to allow them to ship their goods in advance of receipt of payment. An LC is a conditional payment guarantee provided by the Importer’s bank to the Exporter. The Exporter normally receives a payment guarantee prior to the shipment of goods.

The loaded and lashed cargo was shipped and delivered with the letter of credit passing first-time, leaving the customer extremely happy with the service.