Case Study
Stolle Machinery




Project Cargo
Complex logistics management for the canning industry

Stolle is the world’s leading supplier of two piece can and end-making machinery for the canmaking industry. With strict deadlines to adhere to for delivery and installation of can-making machinery, it’s vital that their logistics run smoothly.

Using our experience and knowledge we were able to ensure that both projects ran smoothly. Each can plant had strict installation deadlines to be met which took weeks of advanced transport planning as each piece of machinery had to be delivered on site by a stipulated schedule. There was no margin for any delays!
Cheryl Sullivan
Export Manager for Projects
The Challenge

At John Good Logistics, we have over 40 years’ experience of shipping can lines. We know the suppliers; we know the end users and we know exactly how this unique equipment needs to be handled. Can-making machinery can include hundreds of different components from different collection points, our role as Stolle’s logistics partner is to take care of everything so they can focus on what they do best.

A typical project for Stolle will usually include:

  • Advising on payment terms Stolle should be using.
  • Advising on letters of credit to ensure compliance.
  • Arranging transportation of the equipment from any given worldwide collection point through to delivering to the consignee’s factory.
  • Issuing all shipping documentation.
  • Issuing all client documentation including client’s commercial invoices and packing lists.
  • Arranging marine insurance.
  • Issuing weekly status reports to Stolle and the end client advising of the whereabouts of each individual piece of equipment.
The Idea

With cargo originating from various world-wide suppliers, our role is to deliver everything on a door-to-door basis and managing the customs clearance process. Communication is essential, we provide a single point of contact who can be contacted directly at any time and provide weekly reports showing the exact whereabouts of each piece of cargo so the installation teams can plan accordingly.

Logistics projects of this size and complexity take months of meticulous planning, with preparation starting many months before the actual movement of cargo. We conduct site visits to determine the best routes for oversized cargo, work with local specialists where beneficial and plan the customs clearance process to reduce costs including the use of inland customs depots and transit bonds.

Canning line projects are large logistics projects of multiple shipments. A recent project consisted of 180 40ft HC containers and over 2000m3 of oversized/breakbulk cargo.