Case Study
Weston Homes




Exhibition Cargo
Overseas exhibition logistics from the UK to Hong Kong and Shanghai

UK construction company Weston Homes often rely on John Good Logistics to provide support when they are exhibiting overseas. With specially made to-scale models of property developments in their own specially designed flight cases and a combination of exhibition cargo and consumables running to tight schedules, they trust John Good Logistics to ensure the logistics run smoothly.

Overseas exhibitions represent a significant investment; the logistics must be handled with care not only to avoid delays but also to ensure all materials arrive safely. One of the ways we do this is by looking for problems before they occur. For example, as more technology is incorporated into exhibition design, batteries can often be hidden without the customer realising. Batteries can be considered dangerous goods, so the correct declarations must be completed in advance to avoid potential problems.
Mark Reid
Commercial Manager
The Challenge

We managed various shipments from several different packing companies, stationers, and the company’s head office in the UK for this particular project. We verified the weight, measured the cargo, prepared carnet, and moved the goods to Hong Kong by air freight. Upon arrival in Hong Kong, the goods were cleared, and John Good Logistics provided the resources to deliver the stands to the hotel and install and prepare all the displays.

The Idea

Between the Hong Kong Exhibition and the Shanghai Exhibition, we took down the stands, flew the models and stands to Shanghai, flew additional consumables out from the UK, and delivered them to the exhibition hotel and rebuilt all the stands.

After the Shanghai exhibition, we dismantled the stands and transported all goods back to the UK, splitting them on arrival. We transported the display stands to the customer’s head office, and we delivered the model straight to a new exhibition in the UK.