Alongside the strikes at Felixstowe, which are set to take place from the 21st of August, workers at the Port of Liverpool, have also confirmed strike action. This strike action will not start before the third week in September, although more specific dates will be released soon.

The strikes were confirmed by Unite the Union over disputes about pay and cost of living. The Port of Liverpool say they have offered workers a 7% increase to their basic pay, as well as improving other company aspects, such as sick pay and shift patterns.

Despite these changes, following a ballot, members of Unite the Union have decided that the strikes will go ahead later this year. Over 500 dockworkers voted in favour of the strike.

What will this affect?

  • Disruption to the UK supply chain
  • Impact on international trade
  • Slower productivity or a halt in industrial action over those days.
  • Further strikes across the industrial sectors, including rail strikes, are also due to take place throughout the rest of the year.

For further information please reach out to your account manager or operational contact.

We will continue to monitor the situation and continue to review internally shipments that could likely be affected, as we look to minimise the impact felt by our customers.



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