January Import Controls – The updates and the actions our customers MUST take

On 01/01/22, the government implemented the first stages to Import Controls, which have affected import requirements from the EU. Our customers MUST be aware of these changes and prepare accordingly. We will require our customers to provide the required information early in advance, to avoid delays to their shipments and possible waiting charges from hauliers.

What has changed from 01/01/22?

For imports of animal and plant products, the requirements now are:

  • Prenotifications required 24 hours in advance of arrival in UK.
  • IPAFFS/PEACH reference required to be able to prelodge an import entry.

What we require from our customers:

Customers need to provide instructions with the IPAFFS/PEACH reference, enough in advance for us to complete the import entry.

What will happen if this is not completed correctly?

Incorrect/missing information could lead to holds at port of arrival and increased physical inspections, from July 2022.


  • Need to have a prelodged import entry reference number to obtain a GMR.
  • All imports arriving via ports, using GVMS, require the haulier to obtain a GMR (Goods Movement Reference) from GVMS.
  • All imports are assumed to arrive via GVMS ports, and prelodged accordingly, unless otherwise instructed for inventory-linked temporary storage.
  • Exports, via most RoRo ports, now require the use of GVMS and submitting as non-arrived

What we require from our customers:

Our customers need to provide instructions early enough in advance and double check with their supplier, on DAP routed shipments through ports, so the hauliers are not held up at the port of departure awaiting a prelodged import entry.

Delayed declaration procedure ended

  • Imports are no longer allowed to travel ‘C status’ and delay declarations until up to 175 days after arrival
  • Good Logistics has been working to the prelodgement model since January 2021, so this has no effect on the way we work for most customers


Why is it so important our customers take action?

If the required information is not completed or is incorrect, this could cause hold ups at ports, delaying your shipments. It could also incur possible waiting charges from hauliers.

How can I avoid this?

To ensure that potential delays and charges are avoided, we require our customers to provide us with full information as early in advance as possible. This will enable us to complete the import requirements efficiently.

For help and support regarding these updates, please contact us:

Email us at: EUsupport@goodlogisticsgroup.com

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