John Good awarded customs badge at UK airports

John Good Air is delighted to confirm it has now been granted its own customs badge code for Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds Bradford airports.

This means the company is now able to complete import and export customs clearance at all three airports on behalf of its customers.

Airfreight plays a key role in the logistics chain and can offer many benefits, especially for high value, low volume shipments. The advantages of airfreight as a mode of transport include:

1. Fastest method for delivering goods over long distances;
2. Reliable with multiple flights and choice of carriers each day;
3. High level of security with reduced risk of theft and damage;
4. Less packaging required reducing cost;
5. Generally lower insurance premiums compared with ocean freight;
6. Flexibility to meet changing needs at short notice;
7. Best mode of transport for perishable goods;
8. Potential to create competitive advantages
On receiving its customs badge, Seamus Jennings, Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to have expanded our range of services following the incorporation of our air freight division, John Good Air. With our own customs badge covering key northern airports, we are looking to establish the company as a leading provider of world-wide airfreight solutions to and from the UK.
“Our own customs badge will enable us to control cargo at an earlier stage in the supply chain which will benefit our customers by offering greater visibility enabling them to make informed decisions.”


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