John Good Gains AEO Accreditation

On 8th October 2010, we achieved AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) accreditation, the internationally recognised quality mark for businesses involved in the international supply chain.

To achieve accreditation, we needed to prove that John Good was trustworthy and a fully compliant member of the international supply chain.

Currently, accreditation is voluntary, but we decided to take the proactive step and seek accreditation, as it is recognised across the EU and is becoming increasingly useful when moving goods to and from the EU as well.

This is because consignments of stock handled by AEOs are fast-tracked through customs controls, and when AEO consignments are selected by customs for examination or inspection they receive priority over non-AEOs, making the whole shipping process run more efficiently.

We always aim to stay at the forefront of the shipping and freight forwarding industry, and gaining accreditation has left us well prepared for the upcoming changes in legislation that will be introduced in 2013, when the Modernised Customs Code comes into force. This legislation will require that all non-AEOaccredited companies have a guarantee to use a customs special procedure.


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