New changes to Import Controls – Important information for our customers!

From 1st October 2021, the government are implementing the second stage of the Phased Approach to Import Controls, due to Brexit regulations.

This will affect what can and cannot be imported into the UK and the documentation and processes required when importing goods.

The following categories of goods will be affected by the updated Import Controls:

  • Products of Animal Origin (POAO) for human consumption (including Composite Products)
  • Animal By-products (ABP) not for human consumption
  • High-risk Food and Feed Not of Animal Origin (HRFNAO)
  • Fishery products and live bivalve molluscs

How will this affect our customers importing these goods from EU?

Imported goods will have to be accompanied by extra documentation and registrations including the following:

  • All imports now require IPAFFS prenotifications to be completed no less than 24 h
  • ours before departure to GB via a Government gateway accounts into the Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed system (IPAFFS)
  • Registration to IPAFFS is Required.
  • Digital copies of the Certified Export Health Certificates must be provided by the exporter before a prenotification can be made. In format approved by HMRC. Certified EHC
  • Original Export Health Certificate must accompany the goods in transport.
  • The relevant Border Control Post (BCP), must be notified as part of the process.

The following products will also be PROHIBITED from being imported into the UK from October 2021:

  • Chilled minced meat of beef, pork, lamb, mutton, or goat
  • Chilled or frozen minced meat of poultry
  • Mechanically separated meat from poultry ratite or game birds
  • Ungraded eggs
  • Raw milk from cow herds with Bovine Tuberculosis
  • Chilled ‘meat preparations’ (fresh meat which has either added foodstuffs, seasonings or additives / has undergone a process that does not change it, so it still has the characteristics of fresh meat e.g. raw seasoned steak, raw/partially raw chicken strips

Frozen meat preparations must be frozen to an internal temperature of -18°C or below.

How can Good Logistics help with these new changes?

We do not want our customers to worry about these changes. Good Logistics have AEO Accreditation, providing years of experience in import and export customs procedures across a wide range of products and topics. We also have a team of dedicated customs specialists who can manage and provide the required application on IPAFFS with pre notification to the required BCP. We are here to help you.

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