Overseas Freight Forwarding Partners: Your Business is Our Business is Their Business

A key lynch pin for any freight forwarding business is, unsurprisingly, a solid network of overseas partners. Our partners represent our interests in geographic locations where we do not have our own office and, as a global provider of logistics services, they are absolutely crucial to our business. In addition to our own overseas offices, there are always locations where we will need to work with a trusted partner.

Indeed, trust is an absolute requirement. We need to be completely confident that our freight forwarding partners will coordinate shipments, ensure containers are loaded and unloaded to agreed time schedules, provide the correct documentation and adhere to relevant customs procedures, all to our own exacting expectations. In short we need to be sure that they will oversee the smooth shipment of our customers’ cargo through their particular port.

So when it comes to developing our network of partners we naturally have pretty high standards. We only work with those that are operationally reliable, established, experienced and financially sound. Often relationships are developed through referral, recommendations and networking.

However, we also expect our overseas partners to understand and appropriate our customer values. They must be committed to delivering the high standard of service that our customers have come to expect from us. That is why the relationships we have with our partners are so important to us and why some of them go back many, many years. We work with many partners around the world and the thing they all have in common is a can-do, proactive approach towards our business because, of course, our business is their business.

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