European Groupage

Why pay for more space than you need?

Want to import/export goods but don’t have a full container or truckload? We offer European Groupage services, which allow you to share load space with our other customers. This intermodal service is a more cost-effective freight option, as you only pay for the space you require. Groupage keeps your supply chain running in a timely manner too, as you can make smaller shipments when needed, rather than wait to fill a full load each time. Our European Groupage Centre of Excellence has the best people in the industry, working strategically to strike the right balance between export and import consolidation service and price.

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“Our EU Groupage Teams are fantastic at handling all kinds of shipments across Europe. This service is a great option for our customers who want to make smaller shipments, without paying full load rates.”

Adam Reid
Office Manager

European groupage services

Specialise on all types of general cargo.

Focused provision for Spain, Portugal and Italy

Competitive rates.

Scheduled direct departures by road, rail and LCL.

Efficient and reliable Groupage services

We can deliver fast transits and scheduled direct departures by road, rail and short sea. These are strategically managed to suit your needs, by the professionals from our European Groupage Centre of Excellence. The option Groupage gives you, which allows you to make smaller shipments when required, keeps your supply chain running efficiently.

Achieve agility in a turbulent supply chain

Our fantastic EU teams are agile, which means that they can adapt to all your supply-chain needs. The logistics industry is ever-changing and can face unprecedented challenges from time-to-time, which is why you need a reliable partner you can trust. Good Logistics can be this partner, to ensure your goods get from A to B, no matter the situation.

Reduce your costs with Groupage

Want to ship your goods, but don’t have enough cargo for a full container load? There is no need to pay for an entire container. Instead, we offer consolidation/groupage services, which mean that you can share the container load with other customers and only pay for the space you have used.

Service with a personal touch

When you use our Groupage services, you will be assigned one point of contact, who you will be able to communicate with for all shipment information. We handle each one of our customer’s shipments personally, so it fulfils all your needs and shipping requirements.

“We have used the services of the John Good Logistics team for a number of years and they have always gone above and beyond to meet our requirements. With a proactive can do attitude they have supported us through the Brexit process and ensured we have met our customer needs.”


“We have been partnering with John Good Logistics for over 10 years. They have always provided a proactive and consultative approach to the management of our supply chain; we would certainly recommend their services.”

First Line

“We have worked with John Good Logistics since we began trading in the UK, their service as been reliable throughout, and the staff always happy to help”

Chris Cordingley

Giti Tyres

“The professionalism of the team at John Good Logistics has been displayed at every opportunity presented.”


“Their knowledge, skill and commitment, plus their enthusiastic attention to our business needs is always exceptional and considering how complex and demanding we are as a business, with our variety of different products, they do a thoroughly professional job for us.”

Chris Thompson

Head of Procurement – Indirect Purchases, Marshalls Plc

“What we love about Good Logistics is the personal touch they provide – it is like they are part of our team.”

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about our European or UK Container road freight services? Here’s some additional information you may find useful.

Why should I use groupage services?

If you want a cost-effective freight method and cannot fill a full load (FTL, FCL) with your cargo, our Groupage services are a great option for you. They allow you to share space with our other customers; therefore, you only pay for the space you use.

What items can be consolidated?

You can use our Groupage services for all general types of cargo. If you require shipment of other types of cargo, such as hazardous, refrigerated, temperature controlled and oversized goods, our FCL / FTL services are likely to be more appropriate for you. Visit our other services pages for more information on this.

Which countries can I use Groupage services from?

Our European Groupage services cover Spain, Portugal and Italy, with competitive rates.

Which methods of freight can I use groupage services on?

You can use our Groupage services for Road, Rail and Sea Freight. For more information on this, please visit our service pages.

What's the difference between LTL, LCL, groupage and consolidation?

LTL means Less than Truck Load: this specifically refers to trucks / Road Freight. It means that you can share container space with others, so you only pay for the space you have used.

LCL means less than container load and is used when referring to Sea Freight. Like LTL, you only have to pay for the space used.

Groupage and consolidation are the same. They refer to intermodal services which bring customers cargo together, enabling them to share the space. This is great if you do not have enough cargo to fill a full load. If you require a full container, our FCL and FTL services are also available.