EU Short Sea

Could you save money, increase reliability and improve your environmental impact with short sea freight?

Worried about supply chain delays post-Brexit? Want to import / export from Europe at great rates, whilst also considering your environmental impact? If so, you could consider our EU Short Sea services as your solution for your European shipments. This service is a fantastic alternative particularly when shipments are not as time critical.

Post-Brexit has seen logjams of lorries at ports, including Dover, which has caused supply chain delays. Our EU Short Sea services can avoid these disruptions, reducing this threat of delay. Likewise, our EU Short Sea services are a cost-effective shipment method, whilst still ensuring your goods from A to B safely, reliably, and efficiently.

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“We’ve always been a champion of short-sea transport, it’s an excellent option for getting goods into and out of the UK, and if problems arise elsewhere in the supply chain, shippers can often be saved by short-sea container services. Even without the often increased reliability, short-sea is a great option with several benefits.”

Tom Reid
UK Sales Manager

EU short sea services


  • 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, containers plus flat rack and open top
  • Europe – covering Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Poland


  • For smaller shipments that don’t fill a full container.
  • A more cost-effective solution for small shipments


  • For temperature-controlled or perishable goods
  • Maintain temperatures between -60 and 30 degrees
  • 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, containers


  • Plant, construction, machinery, agricultural, passenger or project cargo.

Dry Bulk

  • Specialist cargo knowledge of coal, biomass, aggregates
  • Wide range of vessel types including Capesize, Panamax and Handymax

Beat supply chain delays

Post Brexit, we have seen the logistics industry face challenges, such the continuation of the UK Haulage crisis and shipment delays. Our EU Short Sea services can often be used to create a more robust and reliable supply chain. With help from our experts – you can reap the benefits of short-sea freight along-side other transport methods to be agile and responsive in the face of turbulent supply chains and changing priorities.

Cut back your CO2 emissions

We know that you are increasingly conscious about how you operate in terms of the environment. Short Sea services can, in many cases, cut back CO2 emissions, in comparison to other freight methods. For example, getting a container from Turkey to the UK typically emits 3350 kgs in CO2, yet switching to short-sea reduces this by 31%. This is a fantastic option for reducing the negative impact your freight has on the environment.

The best of both worlds

If your shipment is not as time-sensitive, it is worth considering short-sea as an option. When comparing a 40HC Container shipment, from Spain, the sea freight option could save you around £1000-1500 per load, in comparison to adedicated trailer. If you require faster shipments, our trailers can deliver within 3-4 days from Spain. We offer intermodal options for both Road and Sea Freight, from express dedicated vans to containers via Sea.

A partner you can trust

At Good Logistics, we know that safety and reliability are key to a great service. We have years of experience handling Sea Freight shipments from a variety of Worldwide locations and have been involved in container shipping, since the 1960s. We follow Standard Trading Conditions, so you can be assured that your cargo will be handled with the right care by safe partners you can trust.

“We have used the services of the John Good Logistics team for a number of years and they have always gone above and beyond to meet our requirements. With a proactive can do attitude they have supported us through the Brexit process and ensured we have met our customer needs.”


“We have been partnering with John Good Logistics for over 10 years. They have always provided a proactive and consultative approach to the management of our supply chain; we would certainly recommend their services.”

First Line

“We have worked with John Good Logistics since we began trading in the UK, their service as been reliable throughout, and the staff always happy to help”

Chris Cordingley

Giti Tyres

“The professionalism of the team at John Good Logistics has been displayed at every opportunity presented.”


“Their knowledge, skill and commitment, plus their enthusiastic attention to our business needs is always exceptional and considering how complex and demanding we are as a business, with our variety of different products, they do a thoroughly professional job for us.”

Chris Thompson

Head of Procurement – Indirect Purchases, Marshalls Plc

“What we love about Good Logistics is the personal touch they provide – it is like they are part of our team.”

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Frequently asked questions

Here is some additional information about our sea freight services you might find useful!

How can I benefit from your EU Short Sea Service?

Our EU Short Sea service is a great alternative freight method for less time-critical shipments, due to longer transit times. However, post-Brexit, the logistics industry has seen many delays at the border, caused by consistent queues of lorries. EU Short Sea is great for avoiding these Road Freight delays. Likewise, it is a great option for customers who operate Just in Time (JIT) supply chains or ship perishable goods, who cannot risk delays.

This service is a more cost-effective freight method, as it is more affordable than Road and Air.

Which European locations do you cover?

Our Short Sea services cover Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Why is it better for the environment?

EU Short Sea has proven to be a more environmentally friendly freight option to others, as it releases fewer CO2 emissions. Read more about this here.


Why use Good Logistics for Short Sea Freight?

Our fantastic team have years of experience handling Sea Freight shipments from a variety of European locations. We possess many accreditations, so you can put your trust safely in our hands.

We also offer many different service types, for short sea freight, to suit all your shipment needs.

Do you provide market commentary?

We know how important it is for small and large business owners to stay informed, especially during these uncertain times. This is why we provide our sea freight clients with regular updates regarding the main import and export market to keep them updated regarding essential global and industry news.

How do you handle the customs clearance process?

As sea freight forwarders committed to excellence, we have highly experienced AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) accredited staff who manage export and import customs formalities, including NES customs entry, Intrastat, and CFSP Messaging at all main UK ports on our clients’ behalf. Our team can also provide you with timely advice regarding importation, taxation, clearance procedures, and other vital sea freight matters to ensure that your goods will clear customs in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

How do I track my shipment?

You can monitor your shipment through our integrated sea freight tracking system. We can offer you 24/7 access to your cargo, including tracking information, invoices, and custom clearance documents, amongst others, so you’ll know exactly where it is.

Our sea freight tracking system automatically uploads your data on the web. You can monitor your shipments, documents, orders, and others without having to enter the same information twice.