Shipping between the UK and the US Gulf

The SANMEX Multipurpose Liner Service “SanMex” is operated between North-West Europe and the East Coast of Mexico and US Gulf with modern, multipurpose ships of between 17,300 and 21,000 mt deadweight and with a combined crane capacity up to 300 mt.

This service offers a sailing every three to four weeks.
Regular Liner ports (others on inducement)

  • North-West Europe:
    Bremen (DE), Antwerp (BE), Immingham (UK) and Bilbao (ES)
  • East Coast of Mexico & US Gulf:
    Veracruz (MX), Altamira (MX) and New Orleans (US).

With the regular calls at New Orleans, customers may choose the option to discharge their goods directly to inland barges and economically reach their final destinations via the Mississippi river system.

For more information on our UK – US Gulf service or to book please contact us:

E:   |   P: 01375 888277