Shipping to and from the EU

Make European Imports and Exports with ease

We understand that shipping to and from Europe can be challenging, especially due to continuous changes post-Brexit. Therefore, it is a necessity to use a partner you can trust, to ensure shipment safety, fast transits and solve any issues you may encounter. Good Logistics are this trusted partner. With strong teams in all our departments, we offer a variety of EU services, enabling coverage for all your critical logistics needs and more.

Our EU teams can provide full assistance with all your needs from shipping goods via Road and Short Sea Freight, to handling all your customs requirements. With experience in all types of EU transport options, our agile team can adapt to your real-time supply chain needs quickly, improving your agility and responding to unexpected events quickly.

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EU Road Freight FTL / LTL

Want to import or export goods from Europe and require fast transits? Our EU Road Freight services cover the entirety of Europe, for FTL and LTL shipments. Good Logistics can transport goods of all kinds, including Ambient, Chilled, OOG (Out of Gauge) and Frozen Cargo.

If you are looking for a cost-effective freight method, we have a highly experienced team of professionals who can co-ordinate your Road Freight shipments with ease.

EU Groupage

If you want to import/export goods, but do not have enough cargo to fill a full container or truckload, our EU Groupage services are your perfect solution. You can reduce your costs by sharing space with other customers and only paying for the space you have used. This is a great, cost-effective service option to safely get your goods to their required destination, with a particular focus on Groupage from Spain, Portugal and Italy.

EU Customs

Changes to import and export requirements post-Brexit, mean that now, more than ever, Customs can be difficult to navigate. We understand they can be daunting to any business, which is why it is important you use an experienced partner to mitigate these issues. Good Logistics can complete all your EU Customs procedures, stress and worry free. Our AEO accreditation means that you can put your trust in us to meet all your needs and provide an excellent service.

EU Short Sea

For EU shipments that are not highly time-sensitive, our Short Sea services are a fantastic freight option. EU Short Sea can be great for avoiding Road Freight delays at Ports, which can cause supply chain delays. Additionally, Short-Sea services could release fewer CO2 emissions than other freight methods. Therefore, you could reduce your environmental impact, with this mode of transport.

“Our EU Team have vast knowledge and a wealth of experience handling European Shipments. We can offer a wide range of supply chain solutions to ensure all your logistics needs are met with excellent results.”

Tom Reid
UK Sales Manager

Why use our EU services?

  • Fast transits and full coverage of Europe, for certain shipment types
  • Cargo Safety
  • Transport goods of all kinds
  • Variety of Freight methods
  • Customs clearance handled
  • Groupage services available
  • Quickly adapt to your supply chain needs

    Frequently asked questions

    Which EU countries are your services covered by?

    For our EU Road Freight FTL and LTL and EU Customs services, we offer full coverage of Europe.

    Our other services cover more specific EU countries. Please visit our EU service pages for more information or conatct our team. 

    I don’t have enough cargo to fill a container, what would you advise?

    We offer fantastic Groupage, LTL and LCL options for our EU services. These options allow you to share container space with other customers, which means that you only have to pay for the space you have used, rather than a Full container load.

    You can read more about these services, by visiting our EU Groupage, EU Road Freight and EU Short Sea pages.

    What is the most cost-effective freight method for European Imports and Exports?

    Our EU Short Sea service is likely the most-cost effective option, as it is generally cheaper than other freight methods. However, if your shipment is time critical, Road Freight is a better choice, as we offer fast transits of 1-4 days. The freight method you require will also depend on what you need to ship and where you are shipping from.

    If you are unsure about which freight method to choose, you can contact our team for more specific detail.

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    How can I find out more about your EU services?

    You can find out more about our EU services, by visiting our specific EU pages, linked above.

    Likewise, you can contact our fantastic EU team, who can help answer your enquires.

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    Why choose Good Logistics for EU Shipments?

    Not only are we an accredited partner you can trust, we really listen to each of our customer’s requirements and handle each shipment personally, to ensure we meet their exact needs.

    We have a fantastic EU team who have years of experience handling imports and exports across Europe. Our range of services mean that we can handle a variety of shipment types and offer options to suit your requirements. We can also take care of your customs procedures, to take that strain off your shoulders.

    To read up more about our EU services, visit our service pages linked above.